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Talisker Storm Originalabfüllung 2013 erstes Abfülljahr 45,8% 70cl

Talisker Storm Originalabfüllung 2013 45.8% 70cl
aus Batch 1 , Allererste Lieferung Mai 2013
Neuheit 2013 Herrlich süßlich und himmlisch rauchig

Zitat whiskyfun :

Talisker 'Storm' (45.8%, OB, 2013) Four stars and a half From the distillers: ?We wanted to focus on distillery character  (?)
So we sought out some great mature Talisker, enriched and mellowed by time spent in carefully rejuvenated casks,
and brought that together with some very fresh distillery character preserved by maturation in refill casks.?
Price is just above the 10yo. Colour: gold. Nose: ah! This is obviously different. Different from the regular 10 and,
should I add of course, very different from the old CAD. There?s a feeling of ?creation?, in a way, it?s not a typical or
traditional Taliskerian profile. It hasn?t got this feeling of sweetness either (what can be found in modern fresh-wood-driven
young Islayers from the south shore), I?d even go as far as saying that it could be the mature output of a new, secret distillery,
located right between Islay and Skye as far as styles are concerned (not Mull!) All that waffle to tell you that it?s rather peatier
than Talisker, maybe more akin to Caol Ila, and very coastal, with some sea water and oysters plus, greatest of news,
only a little vanilla. Also quite some dried kelp, then brine and even anchovies (do you know Provençal anchoïade?).
Touches of ginger (from the rejuvenated casks?) Mouth: same feeling on the palate, although the fresh-oaky part is a tad
louder than in the nose. That translates into rather more ginger and capsicum but not exactly more vanillin, sweet heavens!
Touches of passion fruits, light brine, then more and more fresh spices, fresh walnuts, bitter almonds and these notes of
capsicum again. A growing saltiness as well, beyond brine. Salty oysters. Finish: quite long with, quite bizarrely,
more sweetness and even fruitiness while in my experience, finishes are usually drier. Peppery and salty aftertaste,
very much Talisker. Comments: there?s some youth, roughness and Islayness that come through the (spicy) rejuvenated oak.
I guess that was the whole point ? or they?d have called it Scrabble rather than Storm. SGP:367 - 88 points.

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