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Talisker 1992 15 years Breath of the Isles Adelphi Abfüllung Cask 3197 55,6 % 70cl

Adlphi bottling 70 cl 55,6 % Original Faßstärke
Distilled 1992 - bottled 2007 15 Jahre alt - 
eine von 251 Flaschen - Ex - Bourbon Cask 3197
ein wirklich grandioser Talisker
unglaubliche Ausgewogenheit zwischen Rauch und Süße

Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers : Zitat 

1 of only 251 bottles from cask 3197
This is a powerful whisky, but more ?fumata? than ?smoke-screen?.
It comes from a refill hoggie ? a pretty active one, judging by the full 15CT gold colour, the big beads
and fat legs. The first nose is of fragrant bonfires, with damp green leaves and fruit wood. Pencil
boxes in abundance and even a little creosote; some minty icing sugar with vanilla, then McCowan?s
Highland Toffee and dark chocolate,  and later some herbal-cure cough linctus. The flavour is sweet,
then spicy and smoky with licorice, leaving a lingering taste of Fisherman?s Friend lozenges. Water
opens it nicely, reduces the smoke and introduces roasted root vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots,
turnips) ? the smell of a Hallowe?en turnip lantern! The taste is sweet and mouth-filling, not so spicy,
but firmly smoky in the finish.


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