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Springbank 10y Originalabfüllung 20.12.2016 !! für UK neue Ausstattung !! 46% 70cl

Springbank aged 10 years 46% 70cl
Originalabfüllung vom 20.12.2016 !! für den UK Markt
Dies ist die allererste Abfüllung in neuer Ausstattung 2016
mit UK Tax stamp
In Deutschland kam diese Ausstattung erst 2017 auf den Markt

einer der besten 10y Springbank aller Zeiten 

Tastingnotes von Sege Valentin : ( Thank you Serge ) 

Springbank 10 yo (46%, OB, 2016) Five stars Not everyone agrees with the new livery, but to me it shouts ?we don?t care about the outside, it?s what?s inside the bottle that counts?. Something only self-confident brands can do, while I believe there aren?t that many of them in whiskydom. But onto this wee tenner, while keeping in mind that I had just adored its predecessor last year (WF 91). Colour: gold. Nose: no, really, it?s becoming boring. Such a perfect dry, almost top-manzanilla-like profile, with everything sooty, inky, tarry, mineral, saline? Even its fermentary side is a hit, when that can be totally disastrous elsewhere. And look, plasticine, that can be seen as a flaw elsewhere, but not here, because of the way it mingles with the other aromas. Boring boring Springbank? Mouth: I?m very upset now. I was hoping for some tiny flaws, something shaky, something that would keep the conversation going, something controversial? But this palate is disappointingly immaculate, deplorably perfect, and lamentably satisfying. Tarry lemon juice, waxy minerals, and sooty herbs. You know, I?m feeling I?m about to lose my temper? Finish: I?ve just decided to go on strike. After all, Alsatians are also French. Comments: I said no. SGP:452 ? 92 points (but that?s my very last warning)

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