Hazelburn 10 years Originalabfüllung Springbank Distillery 01.12.2016 Batch 16/481 46% 70cl


abgefüllt am 01. Dezember 2016 - Batch No 16/481

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Hazelburn 10 years Originalabfüllung Springbank Distillery 01.12.2016 Batch 16/481 46% 70cl

Hazelburn 10y
Originalabfüllung der Springbank Distillery aus dem Jahr 2016

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ein ungetorfter Springbank der Spitzenklasse.

Dreifach Destilliert in der Springbank Distillery

Destilliert ca. 2006

10 Jahre im Faß gelagert

Originalabfüllung aus 2016 - genau am 01. Dezember 2016 

abgefüllt mit 46% in 70cl Flasche

Unser Whiskyfreund Serge Valentin hat ein 2014 bottling des Hazelburn 10 years verkostet.
Hier sind seine Tastingnotizen ( Danke Serge ) :

Hazelburn 10 yo (46%, OB, +/-2014) Five stars *****
Not quite the latest batches, I’m late once again, but remember we have only one taster at WF,
and that that taster’s only got one liver. Colour: white wine.

Nose: if their aim was to make a much lighter Springbank, I’m happy to report that they failed miserably.
Granted, this is lighter than Springbank (and than Longrow, a fortiori),
but it’s still got his magnificent fatty and mineral profile that’s so amazing to us lovers of the ‘old Highlands’ style.
Sunflower oil, paraffin, tinned pineapples and oranges, perhaps roses and perhaps litchis.
So it is theoretically lighter, but it’s no light whisky.

Mouth: well, I believe they could distil it seventeen times,
it would still be some fat and ‘wide’ spirit.
Exceptional palate, as waxy and lemony as waxed lemons.
Plus clay, olive oil, drops of seawater, and a gingery earthiness that’s just perfect.

Finish: long, waxy, mineral, perfectly bitter.

Comments: love these total failures. A lighter Springbank, mwahahaha…
(insert long cavernous echoes here)…
Oh and I think it beats the Rundlets and Something 10 yo that came out at the same time fair and square.
And the price is insane (£36 or something).

Go buy bottles (S., please!) SGP:452 - 90 Points.