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Glenmorangie 25y Originalabfüllung Malaga Wood finish 43% 70cl

Glenmorangie 25 years old
43% 70cl
bottled ca 1999  Abfüllkennung L9
Malaga Wood Finish
distilled ca 1974
extrem seltene Originalabfüllung der absoluten Spitzenklasse
komplex, reiß, süßlich, kein Rauch

Jim Murray schreibt :

Delicious infusion of sweet, perfumed notes of the candy shop dusted with a sprinkling of oak.
That sweetness is evident early on but soon diminishes as a fruity lustre gives way to a significan't build-up of spices.
Extremely long. Peppery, then fine malt interacts with oak and just a little smoke.
Eye-catching, complex and downright deliciously unusual.

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