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Glen Garioch 1990 17 years Adelphi Abfüllung Cask 2689 55,8 %70cl

Glen Garioch 1990 17 years 55,8% Adelphi bottling
Destilliert 1990, Abgefüllt 2007 in Fassstärke: 55.8%
Eine von nur 285 Flaschen
Cask No. 2689

Englische Beschreibung:

The distillery does not stand in a glen, but it is seated among the rolling pastures of ?The Garioch? (pronounced ?Geerie?), some of the best farm-land in Aberdeenshire. This example of its make comes from a refill hogshead, and the whisky?s colour is bright amber. There is some nose prickle, then an aroma which reminded us of ?pre-mix lemon meringue pie? ? both sweet (icing sugar) and fresh (lemon curd and peel). It has a cleanness, combined with a very slight phenolic component, akin to lint bandages, and when water is added, this emerges as sphagnum moss, and even lint smeared with Savlon cream. Behind this there is both baked pear and tinned pear. The taste is sweetish, clean and fresh, with some lingering acidity and a trace of smoke in the finish.


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