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Bruichladdich 2001 23.10.01 Originalabfüllung 06.11.2008 46% 70cl

Bruichladdich 2001 46% 70cl
Originalabfüllung 06.11.2008
Destilliert am 23.10.2001 The Resurrection Dram
Auflage weltweit 24000 Flaschen

The first Bruichladdich Destillation by the new owner

Tastingnotes : Zitat www.whiskyfun.com , Danke Serge Valentin :

Bruichladdich 2001/2008 ?Resurrection? (46%, OB, bourbon, 24,000 bottles) From the first runs of Bruichladdich by the new owners, using malt that was peated to 10ppm before they went back to very little peat after that. It seems that there were also batches at other peat levels (we?ve also seen 5 or 8). The bottle itself is very, say ?noticeable? and the name of 'Resurrection' rings a bell (Renaissance, anyone? Who will launch a Rebirth? ;-)) Colour: pale gold. Nose: what strikes first is the peat, quite unexpectedly. It?s as if Bruichladdich?s trademark freshness and cleanliness worked as an amplifier for the tiniest ?ppms?. The peat calms down after a while, that is, leaving room for quite some iodine and even medicinal hints (unexpected again), as well as notes of fresh mint and aniseed. It?s also quite farmy in the background (farmyard, hay, wet wool). Very little sweetness and fruitiness here and in that sense it?s extremely different from older ?natural? versions that always had a little apple/pear/peach/melon/you name it. After ten minutes: a lot of smoke and elements from the sea (make that sea air). Mouth: once again, this is very surprising, much peatier than expected. Very ?maritime? again (oysters!) and rather herbal and spicy (mint, green tea, ginger, white pepper.) Quite ashy/smoky as well. Hints of bitter fruits developing (cider apples) as well as chlorophyll but the peatiness is still unexpectedly huge. Finish: long, smoky and vegetal (Japanese green tea). Comments: a huge surprise. This has strictly nothing to do with the older 10 or 15yo, whether recent or formerly bottled by Invergordon or earlier owners. It has to be ranked among the peated Islayers ? not the monsters of course -, even if it does also have something of Scotland?s northeastern coast. By the way, we like it a lot. SGP:255 - 87 points.

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