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Brora 1977 38 years Originalabfüllung Diageo Special Release 2016 2984 Flaschen 48,6% 70cl

Brora 38y

Destilliert in 1977

Aged for 38 years

Originalabfüllung / Diageo Special Release 2016 mit 48,6% natürlicher Faßstärke in 70cl Flasche

Limited Edition 2984 Flaschen weltweit

Der älteste Brora aller Zeiten und einer der allerbesten


95 Punkte bei whiskyfun! Hier die Tastingnotizen von Serge (Danke!)

Brora 38 yo 1977/2016 (48.6%, OB, Special Release, 2,984 bottles) Last year?s SR was already a 1977, and I just loved it (WF 95). 1977 and similar vintages never quite had the reputation of, say 1972, but now that quite some water has flown under the Scottish bridges, the complexity of those whiskies just stands out. Plus, it?s not impossible that Diageo have been rather picky with the casks they selected for these recent releases? Colour: refreshingly golden.

Nose: oh f*** it. I almost feel like I should leave it all here, and rather taste the new Glenkinchie. This is like nosing the hot engine of an old Aston. Bakelite, castor oil, petrol, fumes, tyres? It?s not very expressive, in fact, but it?s one of the most elegant noses I?ve been given to put under my nostrils in recent months. Or perhaps years. Also love these whiffs of ?old books under the rain?, carbon paper, manure, autumn leaves (under the rain as well), damp earth, moss? Oh and these notes of new electronics, when we used to unpack a new stereo, around 1975? And the camphor is there as well, a bit of seaweed (nori?), paraffin oil, perhaps tinned sardines? My my my!

Mouth: I had thought it would have gotten a little shy ? at least shier than younger expressions ? but not at all, it still roars and kicks you. What?s really remarkable is how dry it is, it?s even drier than the driest manzanilla! Ashes, bitter green tea, liquorice extracts, artichokes, tar? You?d almost believe you?re eating tiger balm at times. Well, I imagine. More wax and paraffin as well, mints, perhaps a little tarragon, bitter almonds for sure? What a ride! There are even hints of very old Sauternes that?s integrally digested its sugar. Finish: long, still bone dry, with more artichoke and ashes. A sublime dryness. Comments: the opposite of all these new Kardashian whiskies that abound here and there. Philosophical whisky, perfectly blended. Same score as last year, but it needs no score, of course. It?s expensive whisky, but I find it a little depressing that the Port Ellen would be 40% more expensive! Don?t get me wrong, it?s the PE that?s too expensive, and not this Brora that?s too cheap! Anyway? SGP:375 - 95 Points.

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