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Dimple TIN CAP white letters with box 50er Jahre 70 PROOF 70cl

uralte Originalabfüllung JOHN HAIG & CO LTD owning HAIG & HAIG  LTD
TIN CAP Verschluss

eine TOP - Rarität in perfektem Zustand 
Dimple in white letters , golden TIN CAP
bottled in the 50ies / 60ies
distilled in the 50ies or earlier
mit extrem seltener Box 
die Flasche sieht aus wie gestern gekauft - in diesem Zustand eine unglaubliche Rarität
sogar das Netz ist noch komplett erhalten, Kapsel und Label perfekt
erlesener Füllstand

Tastingnotizen DIMPLE von Serge Valentin ( vielen Dank Serge - Merci ) 

Dimple 12 yo (40%, OB, blend, late 1970s)
  Aka Pinch in the US. Colour: full gold. Nose: hey-hey! Complex, smoky, resinous, fruity and spicy… That is to say perfectly balanced. Candied oranges, peat smoke, seawater, iodine, spearmint, tobacco, old leather… I told you, it’s very complex. Brilliant in fact. Mouth: how rich! Amazing presence and oomph, starting on something like ‘resinous oranges’ (yeah well…) and developing on loads of various spices and mints, lemon balm, ‘good’ marshmallows, liquorice drops and just a tiny little bitterness that may come from wood. Masterfully composed. Finish: long and in the same style. Comments: an exceptionally composed blend. Was Stravinsky working at John Haig’s? Now, seriously, all true whisky lovers know that old Dimples/Pinches were fab whiskies, but it’s always great to be able to confirm that. SGP:543 – 90 points.

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