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Lagavulin 8y Originalabfüllung 2016 zum 200. Geburtstag 48% 2cl Probe

Probeflasche / Sample mit 4cl Inhalt
aus der abgebildeten und beschriebenen Flasche :

Aus Lagavulin 8y Originalabfüllung 48%
Jubiläumsabfüllung zum 200. Bestehen der Lagavulin Distillery

sehr rauchig, trocken, rein , elegant - ein typischer Lagavulin der Luxusklasse

Tastingnotizen Zitat whiskyfun.com / 90 Punkte :

Lagavulin 8 yo (48%, OB, 200th Anniversary, 2016) Five stars I think it?s very smart that whilst the whisky?s quite young, they have decided to disclose its age, and to go ?transparent?. That?s true modern luxury if you ask me (relation plus story plus DETAILS), while other, ach, erm, brands are issuing innumerable new NAS bottlings with only stories these days, and are really starting to blur their image and reputation (which are tomorrow?s sales, remember). As always, my humble opinion, and after all, we?re here for the whisky. So? Colour: white wine. Nose: precision, that?s the first word that springs to mind. Bandages, cane juice, hay, and marzipan, then seaweed, oysters, and diesel oil, then ink, mezcal, grist, and wet wool. Plus one blueberry. Mouth: this is where it kills the IB. This is much better chiselled, purer, better focused, much more distillate-driven, and sharp. And it?s very ashy, sooty, smoky, you?d almost believe you just ate the ashtray. It surprises me a bit that they didn?t decide on a rounder and sweeter style, but for obvious reasons, I won?t complain. Love this style! It?s actually very dry. Also fresh walnuts. Salted fresh walnuts. Strength and body are perfect. Finish: long and austere, on pretty much the same flavours, but drops of orange juice are playing it a little sexier in the aftertaste. Perhaps a little ginger tonic? Comments: it?s really the words purity and precision that rule here, there?s no make-up, no Botox, no dye, and no silicone. Some pure, totally crystalline Lagavulinity (what?) that makes you want to take the next flight(s) to Islay and to go kiss the Distillery Manager on both cheeks. Huge quality/age ratio. Happy 200th, Lagavulin! SGP:358 - 90 points.

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