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Glenmorangie 25 years Quarter Century Originalabfüllung 2010 43% 70cl

Glenmorangie 25y

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Quarter Century

Destilliert wahrschein rund um ca. 1985

25 Jahre im Faß gereift

Alte Originalabfüllung von ca. 2010 mit 43% in einer 70cl Flasche

In original Aufklapp-Box


Zitat von whiskyfun zur Abfüllung von 2007 (Danke Serge!)

Glenmorangie 25 yo ‘Quarter Century’ (43%, OB, 2007)  Colour: full gold. Nose: maybe a little more discreet than the 18 at first nosing, but also more elegant. Starts on rather superb notes of quince jelly (I really love that) and apricot pie and starts developing on layers of very ripe fruits (plums, raspberries, very ripe mellon) and all things from a beehive (pollen, wax, honey). There’s also a little smoke, fresh walnuts just like in the new 18, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts... And then it’s back on all sorts of jams, such as mirabelle or grape. Rather luscious, creamy, jammy... Yet, it’s not very bold whisky. Keywords: elegant jam (well, I guess I wouldn’t make it to the very enviable position of the guy who writes these ‘baselines’ at the SMWS...) Mouth: incredibly creamier, thicker and... better than the 18. Not too far from pure honey actually, with also all these fruit jams again, high-end fruit liqueurs, nougat and praline, dates filled with marzipan... The oak is well here in the background, giving the whole a very perfect backbone and hints of spices that prevent the whole from getting slightly lumpish. And just like in the old 10yo, there’s also a little salt that plays with your tongue and with your lips. The balance is truly perfect, at that. If you like creamy, fruity and honeyed whiskies, this is for you. Provided you’re ready to hand out almost 400 Euros for a 25yo malt that’s been reduced to 43%, that is. But talking about money is a bit cheap and dirty, isn’t it? Anyway, 90 points for this very expensive but very good creamy wonder (and thanks, Martine)

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