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Ardbeg 1974 Provenance Originalabfüllung 1997 95 P in edler Holzbox 54,7% 70cl

Ardbeg Provenance 1974
Originalabfüllung 54,7%

Eine TOP Rarität in Holzbox mit Zertifikat - bottle nr 169 - Auflage ca 1000 Stück
die Flasche ist originalversiegelt - kleine Haarrisse am Siegel

Zitat aus Whiskyfun :

Ardbeg 1974/1997 ‘Provenance’ (55.6%, OB) A well known Ardbeg, always a huge pleasure to have another go at it. Colour: full gold. Nose: starts rather simply, on full smoke, peat and cooked apple. As often with these stunning Ardbegs, it needs a few seconds before it bursts into your nose… And here it goes: musk, ginger, sea air, iodine, wax polish, cooked apricots, old turpentine, old furniture, bandages, camphor… Need I say more? Even better than last time – this bottle was opened more than one year ago and was 2/3 empty. Incredible, it became even more complex! But wait, maybe the palate is a bit tired… Mouth: now it’s very quick in action! Smoky, peppery, gingery, very creamy and even sort of silky. Lots of Lapsang Souchong tea, grapefruit juice, dark chocolate… Also something a little ‘burnt’ (burnt cake, BBQ herbs, curry powder)… Not monstrously complex but extremely bold and balanced at the same time, with kind of a roughness that’s most enjoyable. The finish is ‘long like a day without bread’, peppery and spicy, with also some clove and quite some tannins. In short, still a total winner and a landmark bottling. 95 points. (unchanged)

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